Bets on e-sports

Bets on computer games are becoming popular with all gamblers. Completely replace familiar disciplines they cannot. But form serious competition possible. Let’s look into what options of betting give betting companies.

List of popular games

Esports is a big direction. Usually here there are different variations. It will work approximately divide the entire direction into two subspecies. The first list included most known games:

• CS:GO;

• LoL;

• DOTA2.

As a rule such kinds of games are on websites of all betting companies without exception. Specified variations consider even small firms.

But only three games final list is not limited to. Often bookmakers consider to the table other variations:

• Starcraft;

• Rainbow Six;

• Valorant and the like.

Many companies represented about 10 diverse options.

Choose a bookmaker

At the first stage need choose bookmaker. Player should take into account a number of significant factors:

1. Feature companies. Sometimes sites specialize only in e-sports. Fans of the specified destination should make bets only through such sites. Usually they consider maximum matches. Also customers will find great game detail. Will see even unique types of bets.

2. Availability of license. Bookmakers must have a permit to operate. This condition is one of the most major. Play with firms without specified papers impossible. Otherwise the player runs the risk of losing invested funds.

3. Degree of convenience. Necessary analyze own conditions to the website. I will give an example. Client is accustomed to betting using smartphone. This user must look for a bookmaker with an application. As a result simplicity of game significantly increase.

Third point should analyze by all criteria. User should consider:

• type of currencies;

• methods calculation;

• speed transferring funds and other criteria.

Must analyze personal method play. Many customers prefer classic outcomes. Similar kinds of elections exist many bookmakers. However sometimes user required bet on unique outcomes. In such a situation the customer should look for a special bookmaker.

What you need know when playing

Selection of a bookmaker is an important, however only this process is not limited. User need find out features of betting.

Necessary consider 2 parameters. First player should learn to predict. During the analysis of the meeting one should consider:

• Statistics of clubs. Indicated parameter help understand dynamics of clubs. The Player will determine who is on the rise and who is on the decline.

• List of players. In esports, athletes change clubs often. The Loss of one person will in a severe deterioration in the quality of the game.

• Motivation. Certain tournaments considered the most prestigious. For specified competitions teams prepare very attentively. At other championships play weaker.

• Situation within the team. athletes may conflict. Ultimately this will hurt the quality of the game.

All parameters should consider collectively. Ignore some criteria forbidden. These actions will increase risks of mistakes.

When choosing outcome user should also consider coefficients of bets. Recommended choose events with yield at the level of 1.5-2.0. Such parameters are ideal at a ratio of risk and profit.